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lrigsby_081284, Apr 27, 13 10:50 PM.

DC Universe Online Forums


lrigsby_081284, Apr 18, 13 12:47 PM.


Origin Crisis is DCUO's 7th DLC Pack, featuring a war across time and reality between Future Batman and Future Lex Luthor...and their councils.


You have seen the hints, but now it is time to finally meet the council. Tune in this Wednesday on our official Twitch.TV channel for our first look at the story and characters behind Origin Crisis and what role you might play in the fate of so many worlds. Jens "Spytle" Andersen (Creative Director) and SJ "NerdOfPrey" Mueller (Assistant Creative Director) will be on hand with the details.

DC Universe Online Forums



lrigsby_081284, Apr 11, 13 4:12 PM.


Posted by Jens Andersen

Hello DCUO community! 

We are so excited to start talking about Origin Crisis - our latest and seventh DLC for DC Universe Online. The story in Origin Crisis is the culmination of plots we have been developing for years. As more details come to light in the coming weeks, I hope and think you will be amazed at the fact we have been telling this story from two directions through time, and at how deeply tied it has been to some of our previous DLCs. 

For me personally, Origin Crisis represents a significant milestone in the growth and evolution of DC Universe Online. To give you a little perspective on that: When I first came on board and began talking to Jim Lee about what I felt we needed to accomplish with this story and this world, one of the first things we talked about was an origin event for our players. I wanted to make sure you were all very integrated into the world. This wasn't so much to define your origin as much as an attempt to justify your presence to other people in the game - to give everyone a common touchstone to explain all these new characters standing next to Superman in the Watchtower. Once we finished with our first story pitch, I put a name to it - Origin Crisis. 

While the main title for DCUO obviously changed and didn't include the Origin Crisis tagline, the core elements of the story stayed true. We all saw the stunning results when we unveiled the game's opening cut scene and set the stage for all of you to create your own hero or villain. Now, years later, we're finally bringing those events fully to light in this new chapter of the story that gave each of you a place in this rich universe. I couldn't think of a more appropriate title.

Without further ado, let's talk about Origin Crisis! 

Quantum Powers 

Yup, that's right…we're adding a NEW POWER to the game! This is our 10th power set. It will feature the usual Damage role as well as a Controller role. The trees are themed around Time and Space. You will be able to do some amazing things with power manipulation and crowd control effects. By altering time, manipulating gravity, and folding space you will be able to slow down opponents, change their density, or even teleport behind them for a surprise attack. The special effects are amazing and we thank everyone at CERN for splitting atoms and giving us the visual inspiration we needed for this exciting new power set. We know you're going to love this new way to play a controller in DCUO.

Origin Operations and Raids

Our focus in Origin Crisis and what makes me so excited to finally share it with you is the return of deep, comic book storylines and challenging group content. In Origin Crisis, this means two new Origin Operations per faction, in alternate versions of Gotham City and Metropolis, and two powerful Raids across time itself. Timelines are distorted, the past is in ruins, and the future is in jeopardy. 

How would Gotham City and Metropolis change if Batman's and Superman's origin stories were fundamentally…different? You'll get to find out. You'll get to stand in Crime Alley on that fateful night when the Waynes were gunned down in front of a young Bruce. You'll get to storm the House of El to reach the rocket destined to carry Kal'El to Earth. And then you'll get to decide - what actions will you take to tip these events toward the side of good or evil? 

Then you'll follow Future Batman or Future Lex Luthor in a war across time and against each other to alter the origins of countless iconic heroes and villains. But there is a cost to corrupting time, and a greater threat lurks within - the Paradox created as a result of your actions. Only you have the power to stop it before it destroys reality itself. Will you survive the Paradox Wave?

Iconic Anomalies

Future Batman and Luthor are desperately trying to undo damage that has been done to reality itself, and are always running tests on key origin moments to see how changing them could affect the timeline. Two such tests are being introduced in the form of Iconic Anomaly solo missions. You will get to step into a simulation to test changes to origin stories, playing as one of two iconic characters: Huntress and Bizarro

Tier 5 Gear

Of course, there are also rewards. We are introducing a new set of Tier gear to collect. This will have a nice hefty stat increase to boost your character's power, and some terrific looks inspired by long requested iconic characters. We can't wait to unveil these new looks that have traveled back in time and risen from the depths of the ocean, right into your eager hands. 

There you have it, Origin Crisis revealed. Stay tuned, though, because Mepps and I are looking forward to organizing a bunch of livestreams over the coming weeks to fill you in on the details of what's mentioned above. We'll be joined by other developers who can demonstrate all the exciting elements they worked so hard to create. We can't wait to share more. Until then, take care and we'll see you in game!

Jens Andersen
Creative Director
DC Universe Online
Sony Online Entertainment

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lrigsby_081284, Apr 11, 13 3:56 PM.



Heroes and Villains Wage War Across Time With Batman and Lex Luthor 
in Game's Next DLC Pack

SAN DIEGO – April 10, 2013 – Sony Online Entertainment, LLC (SOE) today announced the next chapter in the DC Universe™ Online (DCUO) story – Origin Crisis. DCUO's seventh downloadable content (DLC) pack will offer new high-level multiplayer and solo adventures, and send players battling through time and alternate realities with Batmanor Lex Luthor as they attempt to save or alter the origins of important Heroes and Villains. Origin Crisis will also introduce DCUO's newest power set – Quantum! The new DLC will be available in May for download on the PC and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

"It is really interesting to explore 'what if' scenarios, and we cannot wait for our players to experience the twists Origin Crisis will introduce to the story in DCUO," said Jens Andersen, Creative Director, DC Universe Online. "In this DLC, players will travel through time to play out alternate histories and futures. What would happen to Metropolis if Supermanworked for Lex Luthor? What if Bruce Wayne became an evil assassin instead of a vigilante? These are the stories and realities that the players will experience and influence."

Origin Crisis offers players a fresh narrative with increased thrills and dangers. Brainiac has been defeated, but the war is not over. This new chapter will offer Heroes and Villains an array of adventures through new Raids and Operations asFuture Lex Luthor and Future Batman wage a war through time and the very fabric of reality. The two will muster their forces in an attempt to change foundational events in the lives of iconic characters and alter their futures. As the story unfolds, players will have access to an assortment of new multiplayer adventures and solo simulations.

Origin Crisis will feature:

  • New Quantum Controller Power Set – Manipulate time, control gravity and twist the very fabric of space itself!
  • Two challenging new Raids
  • Two new Hero Origin Operations
  • Two new Villain Origin Operations
  • Iconic Anomalies – Two new Solo Simulation Challenges
  • New Gear, including Tier 5 PvE Gear and new Iconic-inspired Gear
  • New Feats, Collections and Trophies


DCUO's Origin Crisis DLC pack will be a free download for the game's Legendary members and will be available for purchase to Free and Premium players via the PlayStation®Network, the in-game Marketplace, or for PC players via the website.

DCUO is licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on behalf of DC Entertainment. For more information about DCUO, visit

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lrigsby_081284, Oct 19, 12 2:54 AM.


Anyone who has had any contact with me about DC Universe Online knows that I love to hint about what’s coming next. I try and drop hints, or make clever references that get people stewing about what might be around the corner. That is why it has been excruciatingly hard to keep my mouth shut about our next DLC pack. Now the time has finally come when the team is ready to reveal what we have been working on for so many months. So let’s get right to it…

The next DLC is called Home Turf, and it introduces player housing to DC Universe Online! Now that the bat’s out of the cave – or should I say in the cave? – let me go over some of the main features coming in Home Turf

Player Lairs

The Lair will offer several exciting things for players. The first is a theme. Themes give the lair a sense of location – like a sewer or a penthouse – and anchor it to a persistent entrance in Gotham City or Metropolis. Lairs will be fully customizable spaces. You can collect props while playing and then use them to decorate your Lair. These items will be tradable, creating a secondary market for players. In the coming weeks we will reveal more information about Lair customization, themes, and props.

Mainframe and Generator

Every Lair has a Mainframe that can be upgraded by the player. Mainframe upgrades give you access to incredible Lair Features – like allies and technologies – which can be used in combat throughout the game. The Mainframe abilities offer a whole new array of tactics. Players will gain passive abilities and active powers that they can bring to bear in battle. But don’t worry; these abilities are handled through communication devices (trinkets), so they won’t compete with your normal super power load outs.

Generators are the power that keeps a Lair running. By powering your generator you can set up amenities normally only found in HQs and Safe Houses. Once you haveHome Turf, it will be up to you which amenities and how many you want to maintain in your Lair, but the options are at your fingertips. The team will be sharing more news on Mainframes and Generators in the days ahead so stay tuned for more specifics.

Lair Battles

This is where Home Turf sets itself apart from normal housing systems. Players will be able to do battle in each other’s Liars. Lair Duels will match players up to fight. These battles will be round-based and feel like an extended one on-one-battle inside one of the combatant’s Lairs. Nothing is more fun than trashing someone else’s Lair to bits. But don’t worry about protecting your priceless stuffed Wooly Mammoth, the damage is temporary and will reset once the battle is over. You’ll really need to see Lair Battles in action to fully understand how cool this is going to be, so we’ll have some exciting Dev Videos in the weeks ahead.

New Missions

Home Turf introduces some new adventures in some of the most iconic locations in the game. New missions and content have been created for the interiors and exteriors of Ace Chemicals, Stryker’s Island, Steelworks, and Arkham Asylum. There will be daily missions for high end players at each of these locations. The content – inside and out – will be solo in nature. We’ll fill you on more specifics in some features about Home Turf, so hang tight for more details about the new daily missions.

So that is a pretty high level breakdown of our next DLC pack, Home Turf.  We look forward to sharing more about what Home Turf has to offer. It is an exciting time to see this hugely requested feature finally coming to DCUO. We know you’re going to love it. We also know you will have lots of wish list features for the system, and we’re anxious to hear your thoughts, so jump on the Forums, Facebook, or Twitter and let us hear it. We look at Home Turf as a starting point, a foundation to build on, for some amazing Lair content, and we can’t wait to show you more. Until then, I’ll see you in game!

Jens Andersen

Creative Director, DC Universe Online

DLC #6 Home Turf

DLC #6 Home Turf

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